Saturday, December 31, 2005

WFMU, the source of all that is good and worthy

WFMU is a independent radio station in New Jersey, formerly affiliated with Yppsala College. (The college has apparently closed its doors.)

When I lived in New York, it was far and away my favorite radio station, because of the sheer variety of music and general refusal to adhere to the forms expected of a radio station, even a college radio station. One day, a DJ ragged on ABBA as being a awful band, which is not a terribly surprising opinion to find in college radio. What makes WFMU genius is what happened afterward: the very next DJ that came in staged a one-hour show devoted to the genius of ABBA.

Here's another example. Station Manager Ken's matchless collection of 61 separate recordings of the song Tico Tico. It's too late for Christmas, but there's always Valentine's Day.

They have streaming music, too. Check it out!


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