Wednesday, January 04, 2006

award envy

When I went to school, my university didn't even have a Computer Science program. They didn't add one until two years before I graduated. This is quite understandable. Computer Science hardly reckons back to the Greeks, like nearly everything else one might learn at school. Socrates never talked about the lambda calculus.

My hero, Alan Turing, didn't come up with the formal idea for a programmable machine until 1936. Ada Lovelace didn't consider programming until the 1830s. Incidently, she was clearly the first hacker, since
  1. She was starting nearly a century before the first theory arrived,
  2. She was working on programs in her head from spec, before the hardware had even been built
What is saddest of all, she was born in an blighted age that was decades before Cheez Doodles and Red Bull. They probably didn't even have good coffee back then. Poor dear, she was working from sheer talent.

Getting back to my original point, the one I haven't told you yet, I just learned that if I was a lawyer, I would be eligible for an centuries-old award, the Order of the Coif. Through an unusual chain of events, I have discovered that I know someone who has this award, a lovely and talented person who richly deserves it.

Still, now that I know about it, I am envious of the sheer age of this award, and of its deeply weird name. I do not have the Order of the Coif, and I never will have one. I am eligible for the Order of the Thinning Hair, but as far as I am aware, that just increases the odds that strangers will ask you for directions.


Anonymous wrd said...

Not too late to get your law degree. And the OC will fit right on top of your wig!

Wednesday, 04 January, 2006  

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