Saturday, January 07, 2006

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

However, General Ariel Sharon is still hanging on, barely.

For some reason, this news story reminded me that you can listen to the streaming broadcasts of BBC radio, either live or in a short series of archives. It's a really fantastic service, with news in many languages, and radio shows that cover music, news, comedy, and documentaries. I may have been the last Beatles fan in the world to learn that Brian Epstein was gay, but thanks to a BBC documentary, I have been fully apprised. The music comes in every conceivable category, from Techno to Welsh Folk. Check out Rob da Bank's show as a worthy success to the great John Peel.

The sound quality is only ok, and they've made it clear they won't improve it. However, that just means you won't be blocked by your administrators for listening at work, so dig right in.

My goodness, Wikipedia really does have everything. I wonder if I can find my old high school yearbook in there.


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