Wednesday, January 04, 2006

President Ted Baxter

Here's a great, optimistic post from Steve Gilliard. He compares Bush to Nixon, and finds Bush greatly wanting, basically the idiot front man for powerful groups. As someone in the comments points out, when Bush nominated Harriet Miers, his erstwhile allies didn't even make a pretense of respecting him. They just wanted someone who would definitely drop Roe v. Wade. If you like the post, definitely check out all the comments.

Either way, I really hope that Steve is correct. It's been a long six years in America, and we really can't afford to have a president this incompetent and venal for much longer.


Anonymous Socialist Anarchist said...

The mental image of Bush as Ted Baxter is a lot funnier than the picture of Bush as Caligula.
I doubt that Alito will be borked, though he certainly will have a tougher time than Roberts. If the Dems filibuster (no prediction) is that an ipso facto borking?? I guess it depends on the nuances...
I think it's very premature to predict Bush's resignation. Sure, he's had a bad year, with many failures and setbacks, but the old bastard still has some life left. I do hear the pitiful call of a lame duck, though, and it's music to my ears! :D

There were some good comments on the link, particularly the reference to the 5 "super generals" in charge of regional commands as procounsuls, I hadn't thought of that. And the post comparing Nixon's pro-environmental stands and diplomatic coups to Bush's pathetic environmental record and non-existant diplomacy was cool.

Wednesday, 04 January, 2006  
Blogger travis said...

I think you're probably right about Alito. The post-Bork era means that they just smile and say that they have no opinion about an issue, even when that issue happens to be a major controversy, both in the nation and in their chosen field of study. It's a job interview that's generally hard to fail.

On the other hand, Alito probably shouldn't schedule the robe fittings too soon. Spector is probably feeling pretty feisty about now. He used to be a major player, someone who was listened to. The Bush administration has been giving him the back of their hand both directly (the initial controversy after Bush's 2004 election) and indirectly, with the continuing series of constitutional and legal crises since then.

In addition, several of the Republican senators on the committee, especially Lindsey Graham, have been speaking out fairly forcefully on the FISA/NSA wiretapping scandal. Most of the Democratic senators, especially Schumer and Feingold, have also done so. Unfortunately, the Republicans Cornyn and Coburn are morons who will vote as they are told. I don't know about the other Republicans.

Alito has a long, long history of writing things that he will probably regret. They will be interesting hearings.

Wednesday, 04 January, 2006  

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