Tuesday, January 03, 2006

what is he DOING back there?

(This is for my friend Jeff in New York.) People in the San Francisco bay area know all about the very funny Don Asmussen, who has done the "Bad Reporter" editorial cartoon for the SF Chronicle/Examiner/SfGate.com papers as they combine and divide like amoeba. He combines pop culture and current politics in a surreal, unpredictable way. Only about 10% of the strips will be about San Francisco. I have no idea if he's popular or not. I love him, but his work is odd enough and frequently offensive enough to all sides that they probably get regular complaints.

The cartoons are amateurish at first glance, the kind of thing that seemingly anyone might draw. And sometimes he will do a few dud comics in a row. No one's perfect. But then, he also has the unparalleled ability to just knock it into orbit. A unique and remarkable talent.

He's friendly at responding to email, too.


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