Friday, February 03, 2006

Curse you, darn viral ad

Hey, do you miss Bobby McFerrin?

Me neither. The advertising geniuses at Honda UK have an interesting, fun ad online, which you can see as a short flash video. It takes a while to load, and the whole thing will take 3-4 minutes to play. The sheer, fun inventiveness of the ad compels me to send you this link. I am helpless in its power. You will not have to buy a car at the end of the viewing, and this has nothing to do with that awful (yet funny) cat ad.

You should watch the ad. Click on "watch," then "watch the film." If Blogger were set up with audio, I would have a midi recording of me softly going blbblblblblblblblb-shift-blblblblblblbl while you click there.

(arigato gozaimashita hiroshi-chan!)


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