Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kiss me, you conservative bastard

Remember the split between economic, small-government, "leave me alone!" conservatives and the social, prudish, "stop having sex right now!" conservatives? That divide is not going away. If you're a minor in Kansas, the government wants your doctor to tell them who you've been kissing.
[T]he attorney general in Kansas, Phill Kline, has given a new interpretation to that state's law, requiring providers to start reporting a wide range of sexual activity, not just intercourse, even when it's consensual between young people of the same age

Presumably, a good many of the people behind this law in Kansas would be appalled to see themselves classified with Muslim fundamentalists, but there is no appreciable difference. If there is a God — a mighty, omnipotent being who personally created the galaxies and the quark — then he, she, or it does not care who I kiss.

(Puritan photo courtesy of the GMU history department.)


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