Thursday, February 02, 2006

We are all amateurs

Nobody, but nobody, can pull off a night of unadulterated bullshit like the Bush administration. My hat is off. If Mendacity were a prize category, they'd get Oscars, Nobel Prizes, and Field Medals. Ordinary people with a conscience just can't compete against folks like this.


Anonymous wrd said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... Probably the most corrupt admin since Nixon. Also the funniest since... probably they take the prize. Unfortunately, these jokers are in charge of the government! I'd prefer to see them on ComedyCentral.

Thursday, 02 February, 2006  
Anonymous rle said...

"Probably"? They could win that race walking backwards without breaking a sweat. Lying is as natural as breathing to these folks.

And guess what? It continues to work among people who should know better. I actually had a committed Democratic friend say to me last night, "At least he said some good things about energy policy in the SOTU." Sigh.

Thursday, 02 February, 2006  

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