Sunday, March 12, 2006

And now I'm gone

Yesterday morning, I was unexpectedly blocked from changing lanes on the highway by a beautiful black Maserati that was moving even faster than I was. In the early morning traffic, it whipped past me at 85. I quickly sped up to follow it more closely so I could see it better.

Then, in the rear-view mirror, I saw something else unexpected. Ordinarily, moving at 85 on this stretch of highway will leave other drivers far behind. This time, there was a flock of cars with me, all moving at the same speed, all clustered behind the Maserati. We moved through the traffic as an ever-changing group, just so that we could see this lovely car move down the road. We passed around and through the slow-moving cars on the road like children running through a crowd of standing adults.

Ultimately, I had to leave the pursuit of the GranSport to the other cars. I had an important errand to complete. I was on my way to FedEx in order to pick up the job offer that will let me leave the company I've worked for these past four years. And now I'm gone, down the road.


Blogger Connie said...

I will truly miss working with you, but you've certainly done your time. "KIT", and "have a great summer", as the yearbook signatures, go...

yours truly,
-a lifer

2 good
+2 be
4 gotten

Sunday, 12 March, 2006  
Blogger Ed Park said...

Wow, leaving the coop! is it really happening?? craziness.

Sunday, 12 March, 2006  
Anonymous wrd said...

Good luck! And good luck when driving, too.

Monday, 13 March, 2006  

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