Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Andrew Card is out

Andrew Card is suddenly deciding to spend more time with the family. Hey, I called it! I don't know a damned thing about Bolten, other than he's recently pushed for the line-item veto, and he occasionally is called upon to bleat the right things about the latest, horrific Bush budget.

It is interesting to speculate on what's going on during the blame-fests at the White House. We know now Rove was scheming in 2004 to heave Cheney off the ticket (it would give them 3 points in the polls, apparently), and he has never stopped scheming: he was caught actively ratting out Cheney/Libby secrets to Fitzgerald. I wonder who he thinks would make an acceptable VP?

There is a crisis, though. The poll results can't be bluffed any longer: Bush's got a 20-30 point negative gap in his approval ratings. Worse, there are multiple disasters looming. It's not like we're suddenly going to win in Iraq, or stop shredding the constitution with the NSA/FISA wiretapping of American citizens. We do know the GOP is going to try to change the subject, but I don't believe that will work, since it is a strategy predicated on trust, which an unpopular party does not have. Also, the strategy that works for the racist branch of Republican party (slamming immigrants) will alienate many of the swing voters. They're in a pickle.

If the White Bouse brain trust now blames Andrew Card for some of these massive, impeachable mistakes that Bush made himself, great. Internecine warfare in the Bush administration will be an enjoyable spectacle, and it will stop them from ruining more of America and the world. The thing I love best: they've so internalized the idea that Bush is popular, that they just can't stop using Bush to shore up his popularity, propping this dummy up in front of an hostile, unscreened crowd in Cleveland, then immediately putting him in front of a loving, hand-picked crowd in Cleveland. It's unclear if Rove thinks that those clips of an adulating crowd would actually persuade anyone, or if he knew that the Boy King would need a pep-me-up rally after all his hard work. Hopefully they will never figure out that Bush's public presence is like nails on a chalkboard for a large number of people.

Finally, Will Durst columns usually only rate a gentle smile, but watertiger found a gem:
This morning's laugh-out-loud moment, from the print edition of the April edition of The Progressive:
"[President Bush's] claim that during wartime he possesses special powers really gets me. Special powers? He can't even ride a bicycle without falling off. How come reason isn't one of his special powers? If he's got special powers, what's his Kryptonite: logic?"


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