Sunday, March 12, 2006

Boy King faces censure for NSA/FISA scandal

Glenn Greenwald discusses Russ Feingold's motion to censure the president for breaking the law in the NSA/FISA wiretapping scandal. Here's Feingold's press release.
All that was necessary from the beginning was to make three very simple and clear points, just as Feingold made them today:

(1) We all want eavesdropping on Al Qaeda and the law allows that;

(2) The problem isn't that the President eavesdropped; it's that he did it in a way that broke the law by eavesdropping without judicial oversight and approval, which Americans required in 1978 in order to prevent abuse of the eavesdropping power; and,

(3) We cannot maintain our constitutional republican form of government if the Congress stands by meekly and silently and allows the President to break the law, no matter what his intentions are. We did not declare martial law on 9/11. We are still a nation of laws and it is intolerable for the President to act illegally.
I've always thought that censure is as far as Congress will go in terms of challenging the Boy King in terms of his explicit violation of the law, and even that is a significant stretch, given that Bush manages to keep bubbleheads like Frist defending him, no matter what. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, there's no shortage of people driving around with "Impeach Bush" bumperstickers on their cars. Rock on, let's keep up the heat on Bush — but if you think he is going to be impeached, then you should also wish for me to get a ride on a unicorn as well.

Not that impeachment doesn't make legal and moral sense. It absolutely amazes me that in 1998 our Congress was eagerly willing to impeach President Clinton on the basis of what he and his wicked, wicked penis had done; but they now they sit like meek, frightened children when Bush violates the law and brags about it, and when he lies to get us into a war, but then changes the subject.

Bush is an unpopular, incompetent president, and come the congressional elections later in the year, many anti-incumbent ads will simply list fuck-ups by category: Social Security, Iraq, Medicare Prescription plans, you name it:
"Bush was in favor of it. Congressman X was in favor of it. Do you want President Bush to be able to do whatever he wants? We didn't think so. Congressman X sucks, just like Bush does. Vote for Congresswoman Y!"
I'm just so sick of these guys: their incompetence, venality, and arrogance. Even if I agreed with their politics, I would hate them for their sheer inability to do anything except run campaigns. As I said before, I never thought I would miss the measured competence and wisdom of President Reagan. All those wasted years spent hating Reagan, and now he seems like King Solomon compared to our current president.


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You can co-sponsor Senator Feingold's censure resolution at

Monday, 13 March, 2006  

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