Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just stop having sex

At Alas, A Blog, Ampersand posts a fantastic chart showing the ways in which anti-abortionists are primarily motivated by sex, and not concern for the lives involved. Truly outstanding reasoning.

Abortion is part of the key to getting back all branches of the government. The most important thing politically for the coalition of the moralizing, the libertarian, and the economic branches of the GOP is that the moralists never get what they want in terms of abortion. As long as abortion is legal, they can all fund-raise endlessly and even elect nincompoops like Bush solely because he promised he would put some anti-choice justices in places. The other parts of the GOP coalition profits from the fanaticism of the anti-abortion crowd with guaranteed votes and consistent donations. Now they're the dog who has caught the car.

Once they get the anti-abortion laws in place, those politicians will have to pay in the coin they hate the most: with their jobs.


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