Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Microsoft Word Sucks

Latest non-feature: it informs me that it can't compare changes longer than 750 characters. I have to merge two 60 page documents, and nearly every single one of the changes are longer than the 750 characters. 750 characters?! Microsoft takes 750 bytes to format a fucking quotation mark, but I can't see that difference in a comparison? I have never heard of such a primitive limitation on any comparison program ever in my entire life, and son, I started with punchcards and assembler on a computer that weighed more than a SUV.

I know this isn't important. The war in Iraq is important, the blight of world-wide poverty is important, the continuing influence of religion in politics around the globe is deadly important. South Dakota's ban on abortion: important. President Bush's head being made of solid granite? Important.

But, goddamn, this is annoying! Microsoft employs mostly talented programmers who are given detailed specifications that get scrubbed down to meaningless subsets of useful behavior, only so that they can meet their deadlines that no one except the stock analysts care about. But now, woo hoo, there's a "feature" where you can compare documents, and their myrmidon marketing people can put this "feature" as the hundred and fifteenth bullet point in their desperate meetings with law firms to make them please, please, please stop using Word Perfect!

Microsoft Word sucks! Someone please, please make it stop sucking!

Rant over. Hey, I feel better now. Man, this blogging stuff: better than prozac.


Blogger Connie said...

I feel ya, homie g!! I always type in notepad, and when I need "advanced features", like ohh, I dunno...character or word count, I'll copy all text into clipboard, wait the requisite time for that bloated application to think about whether it wants to open up, then open, paste, word count, close app, save changes? no thanks. and then it really closes. That would be the end of the usefulness of MS Word in my life.

Tuesday, 07 March, 2006  
Anonymous wrd said...

Did you say, "750?" That's not even a power of two! What could they be thinking? Ok, here's another fun one: try the auto-bulleting/outlining feature. It's got a mind (and we're not thinking alike, I'll say) of its own! Clueless is the Word.

Tuesday, 07 March, 2006  

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