Thursday, March 23, 2006

NinJew is coming for you!

This is the problem with vanity presses and the web. They let deranged people reach the whole world, instead of writing their fantasies in their own personal diaries, bothering only their neighbors. (And yes, that applies to me as well. Fortunately, no one reads this blog, so all my secrets are safe!)

Richard Walters, a fitness trainer in Pittsburgh, has a book out called The NinJew. Here's how he describes it:
In this exciting half-biography, half-fictional account, he spins a compelling tale of foiling a complex plan of terrorist actions in his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and neighboring Youngstown, Ohio, with his strength-training and clean-living sidekick and student, Barry.
Thank goodness the terrorist cells of Youngstown, Ohio are simply a distant blot on our memory. He cleaned up the terrorists in Pittsburgh? Dayenu! But Youngstown, Ohio, too? What a mensch! is marketing this book as a young teen book, probably appropriate for clean-living martial fantasies that only run to 92 pages. Amazon has it as a book for adults, with a suspiciously Pittsburgh-focused group of highly laudatory reviews.

The key words I was looking for, but did not find, on his web site: Krav Maga. That's the real stuff, either that or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. All you have to do is watch one Mixed Martial Arts tournament, and you'll be convinced.


Anonymous wrd said...

What do you mean, nobody reads your blog?!

As for allowing "deranged" people to reach the whole world, I admit I like it. In the old days the set of deranged commentators was limited, eg, the back page of Time magazine. (Since when did Krauthammer have anything useful to say? And who says what he thinks is more important than what we see at graceandacodpiece? Maybe Travis should get the last page in Time once in a while.) Today the selection set is larger and hopefully we are smart and lucky enough to choose the insightful write-ups.

Friday, 24 March, 2006  
Blogger travis said...

well, I hear will have a job opening very soon, as a certain 24-year-old college drop out decides to spend more time with his family... heh. however, it would be hard not to work at the WaPo and not smack Krauthammer for being so wrong and so arrogant about so many things. He has so much blood on his hands.

Richard Cohen, however, would probably be funny as a co-worker. I imagine him wandering into people's offices, saying things like "Where is New Orleans, anyway?" or "So... who was that president before Nixon? The tall guy?" or "Can you tell me how to change the batteries on my cell phone? It keeps turning off."

Friday, 24 March, 2006  
Anonymous Alan said...

As opposed to you, Trav:"Hey, guys, listen! Live recordings from ancient Pompeii!!"
But at least you wouldn't plagarize. I can't believe that plagerizer is getting so much support from redstate true believers.

Did you read where he said P.J O'Rourke gave him permission at some party to copy his essay? Whatever, dude.

Tuesday, 28 March, 2006  

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