Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar night

Top ten reasons why this was an extremely enjoyable Oscar night.
  1. Brokeback Mountain won best script and Ang Lee won best direction. Yay! It was a lovely, rewarding movie; Ang Lee deserves the highest praise for sensitively managing it to such a success.
  2. Philip Seymour Hoffman won best actor. He's simply an extraordinary actor. Now I suppose that I have to see Love, Liza, which didn't look like the peppiest number. But I don't have to see Mission Impossible III. No no no you can't make me go no no no I refuse.
  3. Rachel Weisz winning best supporting actress, which I'll choose to think of as the best lead actress award. I first saw her when I was in London in the early 90s. She played Gilda, the female third of a ménage à trois of three artists in Noel Coward's Design for Living. She was mesmerizing and beautiful, easily the best actress I saw that whole trip, and I was going through plays like gumdrops then. It's a shame that she's made such a long series of crummy movies, but it's certainly not because she has no talent. Reese Witherspoon winning the actual best actress spot was neutral news: she deserves it, but so did all the other nominees. I hope she also makes some real movies again soon. I first saw her in the independent Freeway, which was absolutely remarkable. Maybe she can have an alternating movie career like Clint Eastwood, where she'll make one for herself, and one for the studios.
  4. George Clooney won best supporting actor. The man is a mensch. Too bad he's never going to marry.
  5. I won the raffle at the party, with 15 picks correct, netting $60. Unfortunately, I lost the family raffle, because my brother-in-law has this event wired for sound. I was wrong about Crash winning Best Picture, like most people; but I did have it as my #2 choice at the party. It was a fine movie, with terrific acting and a nice, chewy plot. It just wasn't great art, like Brokeback Mountain was. However, the academy dearly loves those kind of mock-profound movies. I'm sure they felt they were giving enough awards to one movie, and so ballots were split.
  6. Munich didn't win anything. Woo hoo!
  7. The best song won, even though it has offensive lyrics and probably had audience members dialing down their hearing aids. Hustle & Flow is a very good movie that's easy to write off as yet another Hollywood fantasy about prostitution. In fact, I wouldn't have seen it without my brother-in-law's recommendation. It looked like a skeevy movie about pimps and hookers, and not what it was, which is a beautiful movie about trying to achieve redemption through art.
  8. By and large, the quality of the movies and performances was so high that I was relatively happy with any film winning (any film not named Munich, that is). All of the actresses, for instance, are fantastic, although I confess that I've never heard of Amy Adams before.
  9. Jon Stewart was good. Funny, a little edgy, good with the ad libs. I assume that most of the terrific mock-political ads were his idea, since it's similar to both The Daily Show and his latest book, America (the book).
  10. Someone who I was ever so slightly concerned about in terms of dating showed up with a really nice fella. And now she'll read this and brain me with a three-ring binder, but until that moment, I'm happy for them.


Blogger Connie said...

Jon Stewart made me able to watch an entire award show. That's a first!! And you were amazing with your guesses on Oscar picks!!

I wonder what had you so "ever so slightly" concerned about that (violent?) person you know... hmmm :) veddy eenteresting.

Tuesday, 07 March, 2006  

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