Monday, March 20, 2006

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds has stepped on a rake

Signing the abortion bill was a massive mistake for Gov. Mike Rounds. As a result, he has gained only 3 points with the pro-life crowd, but plunged 35 points in the pro-choice crowd. He has losses in popularity from all groups: Republicans, Independents and Democrats , 13 points, 14 points, and 24 points, respectively. Unless he finds a way to distract a lot of voters (look, something shiny!), he's going to lose his next election.

This is exactly what I warned about earlier: you can fool pro-choice voters for a long time, right up until you take dramatic steps against abortion. No successful politician will put obstacles between the middle-class and their entitlements — it's safer to stand between a bunch of cops and some doughnuts. You simply can't sign a bill that would put some doctors in jail for five years, and not pay a price.

Rounds had no choice. The anti-abortion fanatics would have accepted nothing else, and he himself is personally pro-life. But now he will pay by losing his office. The South Dakota economy will also suffer: tourism is its second largest industry, and people are already calling for boycotts.


Anonymous rle said...

Whoohoooo!!!!! Serves him right. There's a handy dandy chart on Alas, a blog underlying the anti-sex (for women) posture of the anti-choice movement.

You can check it out at:

Tuesday, 21 March, 2006  

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