Friday, March 24, 2006

Tossing around hellfire like a sparkler

I care a great deal about politics: I think public policy is where the rubber meets the road in terms of our humanity. If people suffer due to lack of health care, poverty, war, that's something that we as a people should do something about. Our collective will is shown by the government. These should be relatively uncontroversial opinions — we should disagree about the how and the why.

Ben Domenech is a plagiarist who also writes right-wing commentary. He was paid, for about two days, by the Washington Post, before he was forced to resign.

I was really struck by this fierce comment in Ben's non-apologetic and frankly unbelievable explanation for his actions on

For the record By: Thomas
I repeat: Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.

To those conservatives who couldn't wait to find wrongdoing where none existed: Gee, funny you didn't get all hyped up about this with Bob Bork. Or Sam Alito. I guess maybe your common sense detector -- or decency reserve -- only kicks in when it gets you something you want?

You're all dead to me, as well. Too bad: One lady in particular was a favorite writer of mine. Ah, well.

Ok, I care about politics a lot, too, but this is sheer, unmitigated insanity. Why do they tolerate this type of all-encompassing hatred? (The reaction at redstate was mild to this homicidal comment.) For the record, I don't want anyone who disagrees with me to die. I do wish that some people would shut up and go far, far away; and I've certainly wished that some people would be punished severely — for their actions. In particular, I've hoped that Bush would live a long life, ridiculed and deeply ashamed of all the harm he has caused in the entire world.

But to want millions, at least half the country to die because of sheer disagreement with their politics? Who died and made this guy Beelzebub?


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