Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When Gods were with us

They shook the ground:

BILL BONNICHSEN: Volcanoes will spew ash for a few tens or maybe a few hundreds of miles. This ash, and it's like two metres thick, in Nebraska is 1600 kilometres or more away from its potential source, so that's an amazing thing. There really had been no previous documentation, to my knowledge, of phenomenon like that.

NARRATOR: Bonnichsen's hunch had proved correct. Bruneau Jarbridge was responsible for the catastrophe at Orchard. An eruption covering half of North America with two metres of ash was hundreds of times more powerful than any normal volcano. It seemed almost unbelievable, but then Bruneau Jarbridge was that rarest of phenomena which scientists barely understand and the public knows nothing about: a supervolcano.

They killed the first-born of the unbelievers in their homes:
The double-selectiveness of the last plague - only the first born dying - does not have an obvious naturalistic explanation. However, there is a hypothesis that food left in storage was polluted by the vast amount of excrement of the plague of locusts, as well as Cladosporium, or black mould, growing in the crops. Because, traditionally, the first-born son received a double portion, they would have taken in more mildew and pollution than others. In effect, the first-born being more susceptible to allergies, toxins, and disease present in the crops, than others. On an outbreak of some dangerous toxin or disease, the first-born is thus more likely to receive fatal exposure than any others, and consequently there will be a significantly higher number of first-born deaths. An alternative interpretation of "firstborn" has come to mean the cream of the crop of Egyptian society instead of literal firstborns in every household, their victim status being caused by the same reason - they are the ones who are likely to greater consumption of a toxic food supply.
And they appeared in the sky:
The brilliance of this supernova explosion would have rivaled the quarter moon. According to an article in Science Digest, defects in the human cornea would have given this explosion the appearance of a dancing fire, hung low in the heavens if viewed from a location near the Mediterranean, shooting sparks of intense color in every direction like a fountain about the size of the full moon. The landscape would have been flooded with bands of shadows and pulsing illumination. It would have both awed and terrified any observer in antiquity.
remnants of former angry god

(Pictures are by Loke Kun Tan.)


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