Sunday, April 02, 2006

Borg conversion incomplete

Very interesting Newshour roundup on Friday.

JIM LEHRER: So you think [Andrew Card] deserved to go over the side?

DAVID BROOKS: No, well, I think he was in the job an incredibly long time, I mean, almost a record. But he was very well-respected within the White House; it has to be said. People thought he was a straight-shooter, fair guy.

Just as for Josh Bolten, the one thing I'd say -- he was head of the budget, which means he knows the entire government very well. That's useful. And if you divide the Bush White House into the automatons on the one side and the people with whom it's possible to have normal conversation, Bolten can have a normal conversation. That's a good thing.

Not what you want your friends to be saying about your administration.

They were also exceptionally dismissive of Frist's chances in 2008, which is a nice confirmation to hear.


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