Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crispy lame duck

This post on Bush's predicament pretty much covers everything:
A thousand days from the end of his time in the Oval Office, George W. Bush seems finally to be paying the costs of the divisiveness, fear, lies, and extremism (religious and otherwise) that he has so successfully spread during the last five-plus years.
He'll look back on the speech by Colbert when they were a measure of relatively good times. At the moment, I'll give a 5% chance that Bush resigns early. He's been a quitter for his entire life. Soon, this terribly sheltered man will discovering what it means when literally billions of people hate you. Once that starts to penetrate his bubble, it won't take much longer before he realizes that even his dog is struggling to get away from him.

(Photo by J Scott Apple White -- AP)


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