Thursday, May 25, 2006

Della Reese said it best

Bush and Blair have actually deigned to admit that they made mistakes during the prosecution of the war with Iraq. This does merit a headline, since Bush has admitted virtually no errors of any kind during his six years in office.

However, it's simply past the point where it is relevant. Are there parents of dead soldiers who care that Bush now regrets taunting the insurgents by saying "bring it on"? Will it comfort the children whose fathers or mothers were killed in action to know that Blair and Bush now believe that Bremer de-Baathification policy was hasty and ill-advised? If I or my loved ones are killed in a terrorist bombing, will it be a balm to consider that Bush would prefer not to have radicalized certain people by invading their country and torturing their citizens? The time to investigate possible errors was back in 2002, when lies were published as facts, when sober objections to this war were sneered at and called treasonous.

Although it borders on the tedious to keep saying it, these two men lied their respective countries into war, destroying the lives of thousands of individuals. Apologies now are senseless and unproductive. You don't get points for a hand-written apology after running my kid over with your truck. Beaten wives forgive their abusive husbands all the time, but I'll be goddamned if I will ever forgive these two. As Della Reese's character in Harlem Nights says, "Kiss my entire ass."


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