Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hookers and Booze

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a good story detailing the poker parties that Foggo and Wilkes ran. Now-convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham attended these parties, along with Porter Goss, former head of the CIA and his assistant Brant "9-Fingers" Bassett, along with "CIA agents, lobbyists, defense contractors and, occasionally, staffers and members of Congress." That cautious summary from the always sue-able paper left out the hookers, since these swingin' dicks were showing their manliness in every way that they could.

The parties sounded like fun.
Joe Murray, a reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution who attended a party in 1994, wrote about how eagerly one of the CIA officers accepted a Cuban cigar from him.

"You know, of course, this is considered contraband," the CIA officer told Murray. "But you've done the right thing as a good citizen. You've turned it in to the proper government agency. Be assured that very shortly it will be destroyed by fire."
But of course, it's all fun until someone gets their eye out, or, alternatively, until they fuck up national security by playing politics, or start assigning bogus water-delivery contracts to their friends, effectively stealing millions from the U.S.

The story has a just little bit of information about Goss and ol' "9-fingers" Bassett. Here is a story with more information about them,with a few more more high-testosterone anecdotes:
Bassett is said to have sent a prank letter to a friend at the CIA who was then stationed in Vienna. I've heard various accounts of precisely what he wrote, but multiple former intelligence sources said that the letter contained exaggerated talk about sexual relationships. Two of the sources said that the letter was intercepted in Vienna by the KGB, which, believing it had Bassett in a compromised position, subsequently made a blackmail recruitment pitch to him. Bassett properly reported the contact to his superiors, they said, but was again reprimanded for sending the letter in the first place. "Bassett was a cowboy who violated procedures, but he had a lot of influence with Porter," said one person. "Dusty would never have gotten the [executive director] job if he hadn't been good friends with Bassett."


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