Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lions led by Donkeys

Here is a a truly great memorial day post by Kung Fu Monkey. I don't know why this point of view are so hard to understand by 101st Fighting Keyboard™ crowd: you don't "support the troops" when you are indifferent to their deaths and their suffering, not when the liars who brought U.S soldiers to their bloody deaths can be casually referred to as "Heroes in Error".

I "supported the troops" when I didn't want them sent into a pointless war, I "supported the troops" when I wanted them adequately armed and supplied, and now I "support the troops" by wanting them out of this hell hole as soon as possible.

There is no saving this burning building. Out, out, out. It's a civil war, fueled by religious fervor. We lost, Iraq lost, Iran won. Out.


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