Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm the King of the Castle

... and you're a dirty rascal.

The unofficial Bush regency starts to draw to a close with the 6-3 Hamdan decision by the Supreme Court, analyzed in detail here by Peter Baker and Michael Abramowitz. Glenn Greenwald considers the back and forth of how quickly and completely the Bush administration will ignore this decision, ultimately concluding it's a good thing no matter what.

It won't be easy. Certainly this decision will be used in the 2006 congressional races as a bumper-sticker slogan of a runaway court. The mere contradiction of the boy king's wishes is all the proof needed. However, the court's decision is an excellent one, based on common sense. We don't live under Henry VII or Stalin, we live in a nation of laws, with checks and balances. As a fledgling nation, we enshrined into law our revulsion at the practices of the Star Chamber, even though it had been banished nearly a century before. We let callous murderers like John Gotti and John Wayne Gacy decline to incriminate themselves before a court of law, and that's something for us as a nation to be proud of.

Hopefully, the Hamdan decision will be one of many "at long last, have you no sense of shame?" moments, when Americans continue to realize that not only is Bush a remarkably incompetent president, but that he's actually a short-tempered, bullying asshole, not someone they'd want to have a beer with.

I've kept to a vow I made three months ago not to buy any books until July. It hasn't been easy, but the vow ends tomorrow, and I'm going to get Ron Suskind's book first thing.


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