Monday, June 19, 2006

Irrumatio over Iraq

Joe Klein writes admiringly of George Bush, that gorgeous man-boy who gets so excited and "frothy" by being in airplane cockpits. (ooh!) In a dreamy, post-coital moment, Klein writes that the disastrous situation in Iraq puts Democrats in a quandry:
What can the Democrats do? They can play politics or be responsible. The political option is to embrace "cut and run"; call for an immediate withdrawal, as Kerry did; and hope the public is so sick of Bush and sick of the war that it will punish the g.o.p. in the fall. But embracing defeat is a risky political strategy, especially for a party not known for its warrior ethic.
The "be responsible" crowd, let us not forget, lied America into a needless war. Please forgive me for doubting their bona fides, not least when there's a flagrant lie about Kerry's plan even in the same goddamn paragraph that Klein urges "responsibility" on the Democrats. Shithead.

Also, let's look at those fierce warriors advocating this war.

Joe Klein, born in 1946, did not, of course, serve in Vietnam, despite graduating in 1968 at the height of the war. I don't know the story; presumably he got some good lottery numbers. George Bush, who was a cheerleader in college, did not serve in Vietnam. As is widely known, he was placed in Texas Air National Guard with other well-connected young men, then eventually chose to stop flying, for reasons that are not publically known. Dick Cheney did not serve in Vietnam, he asked for five deferments. He later claimed he had "other priorities." Dennis Hastert got out of service in Vietnam with "bad knees", an ailment that did not prevent him from pursuing college wrestling soon afterwards. Karl Rove also dodged service in Vietnam.

And so on and so on. It's perfectly ok with these wrinkled men with their withered souls to describe the deaths of more young Americans as "staying the course." That's their warrior ethic, and that's their political game. They honestly don't care if you or your loved ones die, as long as they are in power. It's all ok with Klein, too, as long as he can be in the intoxicating company of these powerful men who do nothing braver than light Cuban cigars.

Klein answers his own rhetorical question of "what to do?" by concluding that the very best thing for the Democrats is to do exactly as they are told by their Republican masters:
In fact, the responsible path is the Democrats' only politically plausible choice: they will have to give yet another new Iraqi government one last shot to succeed. This time, U.S. military sources say, the measure of success is simple: Operation Forward Together, the massive joint military effort launched last week to finally try to secure Baghdad, has to work. If Baghdad isn't stabilized, the war is lost. "I know it's the cliche of the war," an Army counterinsurgency specialist told me last week. "But we'll know in the next six months—and this time, it'll be the last next six months we get."
No, we don't. There are no "six more months." That canard has been put forth by every gelled, moused and powdered pundit on television for the last four years. It's bullshit. There are no corners to turn. Things will not get better. The insurgency is not in their last throes. Anyone who thinks Zarqawi's death meant anything important is a Fox TV news viewer.

There are no large-scale targets for our Cold War era military to attack. There is a large, well-equipped Sunni insurgency in Iraq. There are ethnic and religious hatreds that go back six hundred years. There is no achievable goal here: the Iraqi army is becoming less capable as time goes on. Among other things, it is riddled with infiltrators, do-nothings, and cowards. Anyone who is capable of fighting has gone into the insurgency, not the Iraqi army. (Unless they are Kurdish, naturally.) The Iraqi police are useful for directing traffic, nothing more. They cannot keep the peace in the face of men armed with high explosives and mortars. No police force could. Our own armed forces, formerly the finest military power in all the world, is being slowly ground into a bruised, second-rate force, now with hideous civilian atrocities resulting from the lack of leadership from the White House on down. It's all one big, fucking mess.

Retrieving our soldiers, via a measured draw-down like the one that Murtha has advocated, is not a political strategy. It's just accepting reality. Iraq has already started on its civil war. We cannot prevent it. Every decision that could have stopped us from going down this dreadful, bloody path was already decided wrongly, in the distant past. The time to decide for the better is gone, long gone. We can, perhaps, prevent Iran or Turkey from making territorial gains. Unlike the insurgency, they have military targets of value. That's the extent of our potential "victory."

There is no unringing this bell. The virgin has been bloodied. The mirror has been broken. Many, many people have died because George W. Bush wanted to have a war for his political "capital" and also as a means of showing up his father in his own oedipal fantasies. Nothing can change this war's initial, imbecilic motives, nor the damage that resulted from ignoring reality in favor of a fantasy.

Victory in Iraq is completely irretrievable. That is not the Democrat's fault, who have had no effective control over any part of this war. It is no one's fault but the cowards and poltroons who have effective control of the white house, the congress, and the judicial branch — and the starry-eyed journalists who believe that they are being realistic when they have been completely bamboozled. The only question is how many more people will die before these facts are generally accepted.


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