Sunday, July 02, 2006

Better to keep one's mouth shut...

In all fairness, there are morons and lunatics on both sides of the ideological gulf. When I lived in Berkeley, for instance, I heard all manner of nonsense: conspiracies, pacificism to the point of suicide, Lyndon LaRouche theories about the Queen of England. Still, most people on the left can easily tune out the complete non-thinking, Renaissance Faire, hug-a-bunny type of liberal. I can only hope that people on the right can recognize Ms. Atlas Shrugs as — how can I say this kindly? — an uninformed embarrassment. She has a great body, and a great smile; but when she speaks, it is in an angry shorthand of talking points and bumper sticker slogans, a Fox News broadcast pureed into nonsense.

I wonder if this vlog entry is her attempt to test the waters for more television appearances, since she might imagines herself as a brunette Ann Coulter. If so, check out this 2.5 minute disaster on before a friend of hers convinces her to yank it, as it is the classic television career torpedo.


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