Monday, July 24, 2006

Firing missiles at ambulances

For fuck's sake. These are war crimes, not accidents.
On Saturday, Israeli forces struck two ambulances outside the town of Qana, injuring six Red Cross volunteer medics as well as the three wounded passengers they were carrying, Red Cross medics said. The ambulances were flashing blue lights and had illuminated the Red Cross flag, the medics said.

"I fell down," said Qassem Shalaan, 28, one of the wounded medics, who was standing about three feet from the first ambulance when it was struck. "I opened my eyes to make sure I could still see, then I checked my body and I was okay."

He had three stitches below his lip and cuts on his leg. His eardrums were bruised.

As the medics in the other ambulance called for help, a second missile hit it less than a minute later, wounding the three other medics, they said.

The medics, all wearing flak jackets and helmets, kept working despite their injuries. They took the wounded -- a 14-year-old boy, his father and his grandmother -- into a nearby home. There, in the basement, they used their shirts as bandages amid shelling that lasted throughout their two-hour wait for help.

"I'll speak for myself, but I feel like I have no cover even as a Red Cross worker," Shalaan said from his hospital bed.

Hezbolla is monstrous, they are indiscriminate killers. Now, however, Israel has taken on the role of judge and executioner. This is collective punishment. They are deliberately killing civilians. This is wrong, disastrously wrong.

Do the Israelis think they will destroy Hezbollah? They can't. How did they catch the American disease of hubris?


Anonymous wrd said...

A while back someone hung a sign from one of the student buildings over at the local university. It said: Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity. That pretty much sums up our policy in the middle east.

Tuesday, 25 July, 2006  

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