Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gullibility: it's not in the dictionary, you know

Sadly, this blog gets about 1,000 times less traffic each than this one-trick pony does. Maybe because that's because mine has a weird name, maybe because I update it only once or twice a day, or maybe because I don't stay on one topic for more than a post or two. The low traffic bugs me sometimes, even though I really enjoy writing here. My brother, my family, and a few good friends read it, so it's just an online diary for folks I know, mostly. Fortunately, I'm chatty, and this blog is probably saving some poor friend of mine from a three page letter about formic acid and les fourmi and whatever the hell.

It is truly awesome to look in the reference logs for my blog, and find that some guy in Iceland has found this blog after midnight while looking for some random string (on the Icelandic version of google, no less. (Hey, "I'm feeling lucky" is apparently "Vogun vinnir vogun tapar." I'll have to try that out if I ever meet Bjork. Then maybe she'll drop that creepy Matthew Barney fellow. (I keed, I keed. I actually have Cremaster as #1 in my netflix queue. The odds are 50-50 that I will hate it, but it should be quite novel. (If this were real prose, I couldn't possibly have four nested parenthetical remarks. So, clearly, you're imagining this.)))).

In any case, the reference logs are usually interesting. I was very surprised to see that if I put "irrumatio" in a post, it brings in all kinds of people, no doubt frustrated and looking for blowjob photos. Sorry, guys — and now, I've done it again, so I'll get even more random horny surfers. Well, if you cannot find porn on the internet, I cannot help you.

In any case, this blog of mine doesn't get much traffic, alas. On the plus side, at least I'm not an gullible idiot.

(Green Fields photos from this cycling place.
The highly processed photo of Sydney is by my talented friend Tibor.)


Anonymous wrd said...

There's Drum and there's Winfrey... Don't stop! And this blog alone has boosted by vocabulary (in very important ways)!

Thursday, 13 July, 2006  
Blogger Connie said...

That's so hilarious. I can't believe that someone dissected that Onion article. I remember reading that article and laughing my ass off, and to see it analyzed is almost as painful as it is hilarious. Excellent!!!

Wednesday, 02 August, 2006  

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