Monday, July 24, 2006


Here's a tight loop of Weezer's "Island in the Sun" song (the hip-hip song) on top of wallpapered versions of pictures.

Despite the fact that it's a short loop and despite the too-fast speed of the picture rotation, you can really while away some time looking at this page. How long, exactly, I would (cough) prefer not to say.

On Saturday, returning late from a flight, I spontaneously decided to see The Raconteurs. It worked out wonderfully: I missed the opening band and still got a great spot. Being by myself, it was easy to work down into the pit before the stage so I could check out the show with the true believers.

I was going blind into the show. (Deaf into the show?) I haven't bought the album (Broken Boy Soldiers) yet, and while "Steady as She Goes" appears to be getting a lot of airplay, I haven't heard it. I do love the White Stripes, however, so my hopes were high. I don't think I was alone in my feelings: the crowd seemed to be wild only for Jack White

It was a fine show, with some astonishing solos by White. It's not a solo band; it's just that he's noticeably better than all of them, the Derek to their Dominoes, if you like. Like Clapton, White can just play the shit out of the guitar. In truth, though, he reminded me more of Richard Thompson. (Albeit with a greasy mop on his head, and a demented leer. How this talented troll ever married a lovely sylph like Karen Elson is beyond me. Just buy the CDs, honey. You'll thank me later.)

Good show, though. I will buy the new album.


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