Sunday, July 30, 2006

Karl Rove offers gentle advice

In an AP article headlined "Rove Critical of Media's 'Corrosive Role' in Politics", we see:

Rove told about 100 graduates trained to be political operatives that they should respect the instincts of the American voter.

"There are some in politics who hold that voters are dumb, ill-informed and easily misled, that voters can be manipulated by a clever ad or a smart line," said Rove, who is credited with directing President Bush's wins in the 2000 and 2004 elections. "I've seen this cynicism over the years from political professionals and journalists. American people are not policy wonks, but they have great instincts and try to do the right thing."

Rove said it is "wrong to underestimate the intelligence of the American voter but easy to overestimate their interest," adding, "Much tugs at their attention."

Wow, some gentle wisdom. Thanks, Karl. That one will go in the scrapbook.

Of course, this is from the man who started whisper campaigns in three separate races to spread these smears:
  • That Ann Richards, the unmarried governor of Texas, was actually a lesbian and her staff was filled with lesbians.
  • That Mark Kennedy, the incumbent democrat in the Alabama Supreme Court, who had had a long and honorable career as a protector of children's interests, was actually a pedophile.
  • That John McCain, father of an adopted child from Bangladesh, was actually having affairs with black women, and the dark-skinned child was the obvious product. Also, that he was mentally unbalanced from having been a prisoner of war during the time that Karl's candidate, George W. Bush, was safe in America, snorting coke, getting his girlfriends pregnant, and crashing Texas Air National Guard airplanes.
In a culture with honor, the only proper response I can conceive for Karl Rove, this smug, disgusting, penile-headed operative who has so thoroughly debased the political system, would be for everyone he meets to abruptly projectile vomit upon him for the rest of his life.

Ok, that's unlikely, but it's a pleasant daydream, you must admit.


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