Monday, July 10, 2006

Ratking starts to separate

A ratking is an agglomeration of many rats, each joined in the center by their knotted tails, each unable to separate from each other. The idea may be a fictional one, although the powerful metaphor has inspired a number of novels, including a dreary mystery set in Italy by Michael Dibdin. (Sorry, Roscoe.)

I was reminded of a ratking when I stumbled upon this story today. The National Socialist Movement, a prominent white power group, is completely disintegrating, with wild accusations of Satanism and child molestation being thrown about. I have absolutely no idea what is true in this story, other than they are all still filled with hate, previously for Jews and non-whites, and now for each other.

The central issue that seems to be dividing them is: can you be a good white power advocate if you are a Satanist, or must you be a Christian? Well, I have no idea how to respond to this stumper. Humorously, one prominent actor in this drama is a group called Joy of Satan. Their theology can be boiled down to: Satan! He can be your buddy, too! (I'm mildly worried that just by linking to them, the NSA has already classified me as a dumb-ass.) But come on, who could read about the "Teens for Satan e-Group" without giggling? Rock on, little Satanist dudes.

Here's the blog that represents the point of view of one of the main Nazi's involved in this feces-throwing party: Overthrow88. (Satanists? he's agin 'em.) Nota bene, gentili amici, that it is a genuine Nazi blog at Overthrow88 here, so don't be surprised if your gorge rises at some point.

(Ratking photo by Katherina Fritsch)


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