Monday, August 14, 2006

Viva La Perdida

A month or so ago I went to hear Alison Bechdel, the talented author of Dykes to Watch Out For. She was speaking about her new book about her dysfunctional family, called Fun House. It's an excellent book, with close, almost insanely detailed, re-imaginings of her life with her family. She spends a good deal of time speculating, from her point of view as an out lesbian, what her father's closeted homosexual life must have been like. At times, I felt that she drew too many connections, but one can never know what that kind of emotional claustrophobia and paranoia must be like.

One book that Bechdel mentioned she was looking forward to reading was La Perdida. She was deliriously correct. This is a fantastic graphic novel, an autobiography told with a somewhat unreliable narrator who was choosing to live in a particular fantasy of Mexican life while in her twenties. I'm really enjoying it, both for itself, and while I think of my own sister, who is pursuing her own adventures in Mexico for the next several months. Good stuff, and I was thrilled to find that there are multiple successors in this series! Lucky me.


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