Saturday, December 09, 2006

President Bubble Boy

pray for us, sister

No one knows what's in the next act. We're in a losing war, as perceived by the professional military folks as the well as the American public at large. Republican senators like Gordon Smith (R-OR) and ruthless Bush family fixers like James Baker are saying that the situation is hopeless, using words that have not featured prominently in the public discourse thus far, like "criminal".

Yet, we're not leaving. Bush has repeatedly equated leaving with losing -- and he's not going to lose, dammit. Someone has recently been whispering into his ear that some presidents, like Truman, were bitterly hated during their presidency, yet were later seen to have been correct all along. This infantile, get-me-a-pony fantasy has worked. Bubble Boy recently repeated the insane story to visiting members from congress, apparently thinking that they were going to react with the same dazzled deference that he has grown to expect from the White House courtiers. He all but stamped his feet when Sen. Durbin didn't respond with awe.

Now, we have a growing narrative, repeatedly widely in the MSM, that Bush has lost touch with reality. Now no one knows what will come next. The official ways of flexing muscle concerning an on-going war are relatively few.

From Congress, there will be investigations. Certainly, Cheney has already said he will tell Congress to stuff any subpoenas up their collective asses, but we must still proceed as if there is a working Constitution. Congress can apply strong pressure through the budget: this is part of what ended the Vietnam War, and would have stopped U.S. support for the Sandinistas. (Instead, it started the Iran-Contra debacle, with many of the present players, including our new Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.) They can work on impeachment, the hardest ball of all to throw. Note that a line will be crossed at some point in 2007 when the topic of impeachment comes up, and Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid don't smilingly go into talking-points about making progress and working together with the president, but instead they will coldly note to the interviewer that all options are on the table.

The military will continue its time-honored ways of publicly supporting the president, while leaking information to effectively stop the bat-shit insane plans that come out of his and the Vice-president's office, such as immediately going nuclear against Iran. They cannot do more, but we can count on intermittent cooperation with Congress in terms of testimony.

The Courts have been mostly waiting in the wings as this disaster has unfolded. They've handed the administration repeated setbacks, so this is, thank god, one area of the government where spin counts the least.

Officially, then, it's just not clear. The constitution was designed to stop overt tyrants from taking over. Yet there was a design flaw: no one ever considered a country of people that could be distracted from its responsibilities enough to reelect a man so stubborn that he literally doesn't mind if people die, as long as he doesn't have to admit that he lost, that he was wrong. There is not much that the three branches of Government can do that could have an immediate effect on stopping the Boy King. They will all try, and Bush will ignore any request that would mean he would have to admit error.

So what will the Bush dynasty and the Republican electoral machine do now to convince George that, like it or not, he must change course? I think it's safe to assume that they've done all the private remonstrations, and have gotten nowhere. Now they have to have a conversation in public. Suddenly, all the rumors are in play again. These people know where the bodies are buried -- they kept the maps, in fact. These are the people who know what really happened at TANG. They know if Bush actually crashed a National Guard plane while high, as rumored. They know if there was a girlfriend with an abortion, as rumored. They know if he was sentenced for cocaine-related crimes and forced to do community service, as rumored. They know if he's drinking now, as rumored. All the no-evidence rumors are back in the deck of cards, and they can leak with a finely tuned degree of specificity. Just do what we want, Georgie, and we'll make it so they don't hate you so much.

They're the people who can create news without appearing to. Baker can appear on Larry King, and suddenly, with a smile and a friendly head bob, say, "Well, I knew George well when he was in his mischievous period, and man! the things that stubborn boy got away with...". Larry King rouses from his coma to ask a question, and there are banner headlines the next morning.

Barbara Bush can license one of her Nazgul-like friends to leak that she's worried about George drinking -- or that he's banging that uppity darkie he's got working for him. It doesn't matter what they leak, exactly. Whatever they leak can be targeted to be the worst possible news to the tastes of the brain-dead 30% still backing Bush: abortion, miscegenation, homosexuality. Given Baker's decades of loyalty to the Bush family, it's likely that he will avoid story lines that put old H.W. in a bad light. In any case, there's a public message, and a private warning.

I have long awaited Bush to completely lose his shit on camera, screaming, ranting, coming off at the small-minded bully that he is. I know he has it in him. They can simply arrange for a public confrontation, perhaps try to force Bush into a petulant explosion. They know where his buttons are. Then come the rumors about him being drunk again.

If he can be made to be ridiculous, then more things are possible. If he can be made into a threat to the next GOP candidate for President, then more things are possible. The situation is deadlocked, which hides the immense pressures impinging on all sides. If Bush's girlfriend back in the early 1970s did have an abortion, he loses 15-20 points right then. If he has actually been having an affair with Condi Rice, he loses the other 15-20 points. I don't know or care about these things -- Bush might be getting it nightly from Barney for all I care. The only thing that really matters is ending this war in a way that the least number of people are injured. The road to do that is through George's rarely-used brain. He has to feel the pressure, and it has to be unrelenting and massive.

Nixon got down to 22%, I think, and that was after he left office. If Bush gets down below 20%, Congress may find they have the nerve to take us out of the war before any more damage is done. Then, God help us, we will have to listen to the right-wing piss and moan for 20 years about how the Dem's "lost Iraq", but let's lance the boil right now. Adults ignore whines. We do what we have to do.


Anonymous george said...

Dear NSA,

Travis does not mean any of this. He was only joking. You know that sometimes jokes don't work out the way you plan them.


Not a Friend of Travis

Thursday, 14 December, 2006  
Anonymous Travis said...

It is true that I do not believe that President Bush is having sex with his dog. That was a joke.

Anything else is possible.

Thursday, 14 December, 2006  

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