Sunday, December 03, 2006

Webb v. Bush, Round 1 of N

While I have definitely thought of Eleanor Clift as a nitwit in the past, she is a nitwit who parrots the conventional wisdom quite well, a gossip who says what the Heathers are saying in Washington. There is little to dislike, then, in her recounting of Bush's recent bullying of a worried father, Senator Jim Webb. It clearly but implicitly means that a larger fraction of Washington insiders are starting to see Bush's behavior for what it is: bullying and rude, just one measure of what a small man he really is, a man with a pathological inability to sympathize with others.

Key paragraph:
It’s justice long overdue for a president who has so abused the symbols of war to get his comeuppance from a battlefield hero who personifies real toughness as opposed to fake toughness. Bush struts around with this bullying frat-boy attitude, and he gets away with it because nobody stands up to him. Bush could have left Webb’s initial response stand, but no, he had to jab back—“That’s not what I asked you.” Webb is not one to be bullied. He knows what real toughness is, and it’s not lording it over people who are weaker than you, and if you’re president, everybody by definition is weaker.
Webb is an American hero. He was kicking ass in Vietnam, literally from the first night he arrived. Interestingly, the same article also mentions that he beat the hell out of Oliver North in a boxing match, although apparently North was given the win in a controversial decision. To have him forced to speak to his intellectual and moral inferior at this social event is a cosmic joke.


Anonymous wrd said...

George Will says you've got it all wrong: Bush was the civilized one, Webb was the bully. Of course, George had to do a bit of spinning to reach that point.

It's unfortunate that spinners (liars?) like Will have command of major sections of newspapers and magazines. Thanks to the Internet, there is some hope for those of us without a soapbox.

Wednesday, 06 December, 2006  

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