Friday, January 05, 2007

Extraordinary bravery

Here are two stories about three heroes in New York City.
After giving the mayor thanks and a bear hug, Autrey recounted the details of the risky rescue for the media gathered at City Hall.

Hollopeter ... was at the subway station at 137th Street/City College when he suffered a seizure and fell onto the tracks just as a train was approaching.

Autrey was standing on the platform with his daughters and scores of other subway riders when he saw Hollopeter convulsing on the tracks. As he watched, he thought: "I'm the only one to do it."

He eyed the trough between the rails before jumping on top of the teenager, Autrey said, and relied on his experience as a construction worker used to "confined spaces" to calculate - in split seconds - that "maybe we have enough clearance."
Like many New Yorkers, I always wondered if those troughs in the middle of the subway tracks were deep enough to protect you if a train were passing overhead. I never knew the answer, and neither did Wesley Autrey, but he took the chance anyway with literally seconds to spare.

What incredible bravery.


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