Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Acting out

You know, when I 'act out', that means that I'm eating a bag of Cheetos for dinner, or I'm acting cranky and sullen instead of being a responsible adult. 'Acting Out' has never meant, not even once, that I take it up the ass from a male prostitute who deals me crystal meth, even though that's apparently what it meant to the entirely heterosexual Ted Haggard. Ok, so I'm kind of a pouter when I'm acting out, and he's more of 'hey sailor, have you seen my mangina lately?' sort of person. Different strokes.

I guess it is better for his poor wife and kids to cling to this fantasy. However, I don't see how it will be better for Ted Haggard to come out as a self-hating gay man who now completely denies the impulses he admitted just a few months ago. It would be best if he is bisexual, since that would make his marriage less of a cruel farce.

What a vicious bind his religion has led him into. I hope he can escape.


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