Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cartman was right

Cartman: Okay, that does it! Now listen! Why is it that everything today has involved things either going in or coming out of my ass?! I'm sick of it! It's completely immature.
—Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Episode 101, "South Park"

Here is an 11-minute excerpt from a 63 minute documentary, "The Dildo Diaries". Molly Ivins wryly discusses the long and silly battle pitting the Texas legislature versus dildos and sodomy in Texas. Both of those are entirely illegal in Texas, for homosexuals or heterosexuals alike.

There was one omission. The lawmakers knew about some surprising acts with chickens, but they had never heard of butt-plugs. So those are as legal as buying a bar of soap.

Idiots. God, sometimes I'm just so embarrassed to be from the bible belt.


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