Friday, February 16, 2007

Good news, bad news

Well, Jet Blue just called to offer me a different flight than the one I had purchased, which was a red-eye to the east coast leaving tonight. The new flight would have arrived just 11 hours before my return flight back home. I do love my family, but eh, not so much that I'm willing to fly 10 hours for an 11 hour visit. So that trip home is cancelled. Sorry folks

This is positive news in that my queen, my wife is really, really tired and was in fact going to suffer through these two red-eye flights purely as a sign of devotion. In fact, a comparison was made to it being a valentine's gift, as was the subtle imputation that I should be damned grateful. So she took the news of the cancellation well: "Yay!" She'll be able to sleep in a comfy bed, and not in a just-off-vertical seat.

On my part, I will get to polish off some yummy videos that we got from Netflix, play with my toy, an Archos video player, and read a fun book about Hindu deities that arrived today. The book is by a Pixar animator, Sanjay Patel who also has a web site, GheeHappy.

It's funny: if we had not gone anywhere, we wouldn't have felt anything special about this weekend. Now it feels like a gift. Thanks for the gift of time, Kali! (And if you like the Kali picture, he has a slightly bloodier version for sale on infant apparel. Just the thing to make your Mormon relatives bug out.)

Photo of Jasmine by GhRis at Deviant Art.
Photo of Kali and victim by Sanjay Patel at GheeHappy.


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