Saturday, March 24, 2007

How to be a fabulous fag hag

Here's a funny cartoon on "How to be a fabulous fag hag" by Ellen Forney, who has a long series of excellent cartoons based on real incidents and interviews. Here, she interviewed Margaret Cho (check out her blog, too -- lots of good music).

One of my first girlfriends, Barbara, was a fag hag, with two super-close gay friends. They were quite protective of her, wanting to know exactly "what were my intentions?!" My intentions were lots of hot sex, basically, and I did get what I was there for. Ultimately, though, she also turned me on to some excellent literature before we parted ways, and those authors still work for me. My advice is always to sleep with grad students. At least, that advice has always worked for me.

Although my relationship with Barbara was brief, it was lovely to see their emotional closeness and comfort with each other while we were together.

Margaret Cho speaks the truth:
Don't be afraid to fall in love without expectations, gender, sexuality, precedence, etc. For fag hags and fags, love is love, and that's the best part of it.


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