Sunday, April 08, 2007

Arcade Fire

I love Arcade Fire, and their 2005 Album, Funeral, was an instant classic. Their latest album is growing on me a bit slower, but I haven't given up.

Here they are performing "Wake Up" with David Bowie at some Hollywood shindig.

The person who posted this video makes the bold statement that "if you don't cry watching this, you are dead inside." That's extreme and unsupportable, of course; but there is something primal about the earnest way that Arcade Fire sings all of their songs that does choke me up. They sing of about childhood illusions of death or eternal love as if they were grown-up children just now making the realizations and compromises of adulthood.

Here they are performing "Rebellion (Lies)" at Coachella in the Spring of 2005, where I saw them live for the first time. I'm not even a bouncing dot in the video, since I was by the sound-booth, not even shown in this video. It was a great, great show from a terrific band.

Although this is just one song, it does give a good flavor of their live presence: a full-on, wall-of-sound presentation with a miked string section, multiple drummers, and a band where everyone sings their fucking heart out. It also shows a little bit of the rough-housing between the band members, which was as out of control as you see here for every song. Fun stuff.

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