Monday, April 09, 2007

Bob Dole, presidential floater, now circling the bowl

Hey, this place is nice. Whoa, was that Melanie Griffith?!

It looks like McCain has not just gone too far, but has been correctly perceived as going too far:

In short order, John McCain has gone from Republican presidential front-runner to political death watch. On Wednesday, the Arizona senator kicks off a month of high-profile events, seeking a resurrection of sorts.

He badly needs it. Mr. McCain just reported raising $12.5 million for the first-quarter -- behind Republican rivals Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, as well as Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. Most analysts won't go so far as to bury Mr. McCain, citing his Republican rivals' own baggage: Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Giuliani are suspect among social conservatives for their records supporting abortion and gay rights, and gun control. But the one-time GOP front-runner clearly had a very bad week.

He went from bold to ridiculous in his statements on the war, then he made himself into Dukakis in the tank overnight by going to an Iraqi market with 100 soldiers, ten armored humvees, and five attack helicopters as cover.

From the Think Progress video and summary of the video piece:
60 Minutes host Scott Pelley noted that McCain had been a fierce critic of Donald Rumsfeld but seems to "give President Bush a pass." McCain responded, "I say that he is responsible and I will continue to say that he is responsible. Should I look back in anger? Or should I look forward?"
Look back? Look forward? No, no, instead, you should drop the feel-good psychobabble and retreat into the complete, shamed anonymity that only someone who has publicly sold their soul for higher office can achieve. You should be shunned by everyone with a decent breath in them. You should nod sadly when children gasp and run away when they see your pasty, wormlike face. You should drop off the face of the fucking earth, you contemptible, maggoty toad.

21 people died in Iraq because you wanted to sound positive and upbeat about this wreckless, needless, lost war. Ambushed, executed. 21 real, live people. Payback for your little talking point, the one you now blithely dismiss as the time you "misspoke" and talk about how much fun it would be if you didn't have to, you know, talk the truth responsibly like a goddamn senator should. You thoughtlessly chose to trade nifty photo ops against people who kill innocent people to make their points. You lose the PR point completely, you international jackass, and other people died in the bargain.

You thought you'd be clever and recommend a "surge" in Iraq because it would position you so well for the 2008 primaries. With the war lost, you could argue that if only they had listened to you earlier, all would be milk and honey in the former Mesopotamia. You didn't think that your moronic plan would sound pretty good to the Moron in Chief, and now, where are we? Planning to bring home more dead soldiers, more young men without limbs, more young women with plates in their heads.

Is there is nothing you will not say, do, or endure to be president? In 2000, Karl Rove, the chief minister of poison for the idiot king you now refuse to criticize, paid for a push poll where your own adopted daughter was used in a racist attack on you to sabotage you in the South Carolina primaries. You were angry about it with Bush, briefly, then you did everything you could to keep this unworthy man in office in 2004. Even now, you refuse to attack him, despite losing the war, despite wrecking the armed forces. He attacked your own daughter, and you hugged him on stage in 2004 like you were a fucking muppet, you craven, pathetic sycophant.

Bob Dole is another former military officer who had achieved honor in his military and years of service as a senator, then he lost it all in a minute with a sad, meaningless 1996 campaign for president. Now he can't even get an ad on tv pushing boner pills.

Feh. John McCain, you are irredeemable. Just go the fuck away. Resign your office and go live somewhere quietly with your rich trophy wife, and never, ever opine in public again.

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